Born 1957

Sukumaran (1957) is a Tamil poet, writer, translator and editor. He has published 8 volumes of poems, 2 novels, 6 collections of articles on art, literature and social issues, and compiled and edited 4 volumes of pioneers in modern writing. As a translator, he has published 11 books from Malayalam and 7 from English. His translations include the works Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Allasandro Barricco and Ayfer Tunc. His poems have been translated into Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrathi, Marathi Punjabi, English, German and French languages. He has served as editor in print and television media for more than a decade. He is now working as the Executive Editor of Kalachuvadu, Tamil magazine for art and ideas. He has been awarded the IYAL AWARD from The Tamil Literary Garden, Canada in 2017 for his overall contribution to the literary field. He lives in Coimbatore with his wife.


Words in Tamil: 30,500

Peruvali is the second novel by acclaimed writer, journalist and translator Sukumaran. It revolves around the life and travails of Jahanara, the daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. As the eldest daughter of the emperor and Mumtaz Mahal, Jahanara wielded significant political influence during her father’s and became the Padshah Begum after her mother’s death.

She was well versed in history, literature, arts and spirituality, and advised her father on political matters from a very young age. During Shah Jahan’s later years, when a war of succession was in progress between Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh, Jahanara stood on Dara’s side until his defeat. After Aurangzeb placed his father under house arrest, she took care of him until his death.

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