Born 1937

Appadurai Muttulingam was born in Sri Lanka. He began his literary career at the age of nineteen when he won the first prize in the all Ceylon Tamil short story competition conducted by Thinakaran, a national newspaper. After emigrating he has worked in many countries for the World Bank and the United Nations. He has published 11 short story collections, 6 essay collections, two interview collections, two novels and edited an anthology of book reviews. He also won the prestigious S.R.M. University (India) literary award for Amerikkakari in 2013 and Markham City Council, Canada Literary Award 2014. He lives with his wife Ranjini in Markham, Canada.

After Yesterday A. Muttulingam’s Short Stories

In this anthology of short stories, delicately crafted, poignant, often charmingly funny, Appadurai Muttulingam summons from the sweep of global forces the intimate realities of human relationships. From the jungles of Africa to the borders of Italy, from dust-filled Colombo to the highways of Toronto the author grapples with loss, loyalty, love and truth, and probes the sorrows and comical absurdities of human experience with wit, beauty, and invention.

A meditation on the state of displacement runs through these stories. The language is deceptively simple and has a way of sneaking up on the reader quietly. Moreover, these stories explore the state of being displaced or dislocated in a number of ways: forced displacement, feeling displaced from one's own self and disoriented in time, the sense of un-belonging that ageing can bring, the acute pain of alienation that comes from harbouring secrets. Simple events, gestures, words and coincidences are woven together to create a tapestry that highlights the universality of the human experience - transcending geography, culture and language.

Published in English (Ratna Sagar)